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Société   ACT Asset Management AG
Rue   Talacker 35
NPA / Lieu   8001 Zürich
Interlocuteur   Daniel Sterneby
Téléphone   +41 43 499 06 52
E-Mail   [javascript protected email address]
Web   www.act-asset.ch
Nombre de conseillers   5
  • Gestion de fortune et conseil en placement
Point fort  
  • Fonds
  • Gestion de fonds de prévoyance
  • Stratégies de placements actives
  • Stratégies Fixed Income
  • Transparence des coûts
Placement minimum   aucun
Langues pratiquées  
  • Allemand
  • Anglais
  • Français
  • Suédois

Provision of services, in particular advisory services for the evaluation and monitoring of investment funds and related products to this end, may develop data systems, acquire, manage and commercialise patents, licences and properties, and engage in trading however, does not conduct any bank-like transactions may establish branches domestically or abroad, establish, acquire or hold stakes in other companies, and otherwise engage in any activities directly or indirectly related to the company's business purpose or likely to develop such.

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