Sanction lists

The SAAM's SRO publishes regulatory notices for its members under News regarding the following international sanctions measures:


Sanctions (embargos) of the Swiss Federal Council (SECO lists)

 | SECO is responsible for implementing the sanctions. The names of the persons, groups and companies to which the sanctions apply are listed in the annexes of the relevant ordinances.

The SECO lists


FATF sanctions

 | The FATF maintains a blacklist of countries which are considered non-cooperative in the fight against money laundering. Transactions and business relationships with these countries are subject to enhanced due diligence obligations.

The FATF statements (Update 06.07.2017)

Obligations regarding sanctions lists                      Financial intermediaries are obliged to keep up to date with current sanctions on an ongoing basis and to implement the compulsory measures and reporting obligations immediately.


New searching function in SECO database for international sanctions