Partners in the SAAM insurance programme 


 | Logo AXAAXA is the leading Swiss insurer when it comes to innovative products and individual pension solutions designed to offer comprehensive financial protection. Protection against liability claims and financial losses should be part and parcel of the basic requirements of any independent asset manager or investment advisor. With combined insurance from AXA, consisting of professional liability insurance and optional directors' and officers' liability insurance and/or fidelity insurance, you will have a solution on hand that fully meets the new requirements of your industry.



 | Based in Switzerland, Zurich is one the best-capitalized insurance companies in the world. Backed by more than 135 years of experience in the insurance industry, clients can count on Zurich - both now and in the future. The Insurance Solution for Asset Managers (ISAM) product protects asset managers against claims that arise in the execution of their professional activities as well as claims asserted against executive bodies. ISAM also offers insurance coverage for embezzlement and claims resulting from personal injury and property damage.