Disclosure obligations

In accordance with the SAAM's rules on joining the association, active members are obliged to inform the SAAM of changes compared with the information in the application form and the annexes in writing within 30 days.


Changes in the company Documentation to be submitted
Name change   Written notification
Change of address or registered office/new branch   Written notification
Change in ownership structure ( ≥10%)  

Written notification

(if new majority shareholding structure)

Change in holdings in other companies ( ≥25%)   Written notification
Change of auditor  
Change in number of employees (new > 10 FI employees)   Amended job specifications or internal regulations
Change in persons Documentation to be submitted*
Change of representative   Copy of valid passport or ID card (dated and signed by holder)
Appointment/departure of member of Board of Directors/Management Board   Extract of criminal records (original, not older than 6 months)
Change of compliance officer or deputy   Warranty regarding pending and administrative actions (original) 
    Curriculum Vitae, dated and signed
    Copies of work references, certificates and diplomas 
Special disclosure obligations Documentation to be submitted
Material changes in business activity   Written notification
Investigative or criminal proceedings against the company or its persons   Written notification

* applies to all three changes