An independent voice

The SAAM was established in 1986 to raise the profile of the independent asset management sector that was just coming into being at the time. Establishing an independent and professional approach to the sector and creating a quality standard were key aims of the association from the outset. Today the association has established itself as the strongest voice in the industry.


In order to build a strong position for independent asset managers in the financial sector and to pave the way for self-regulation, guidelines and a code of conduct were drawn up in 1990. These committed the members of the association to high standards of professionalism and integrity in their asset management activities.


After more than a decade of steady growth in membership the SAAM's self-regulating body (SRO) was officially recognised by the Swiss supervisory authorities in 1999. At the same time the code of conduct and the money laundering guidelines were translated into a strict professional code of conduct, which was regarded as the authoritative regulation for the profession for the following decade. This code of conduct remained unchanged until 2009 when it was replaced by a new code, which protects the interests of clients even more rigorously and, by largely meeting the requirements of the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), also increases the industry's competitiveness in international terms. 


The SAAM has earned respect and recognition for its integrity from the Swiss authorities with its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which sets the standard for professional and high-quality asset management in Switzerland, and through its active participation and involvement in political issues.