Independent equity, sector and country analyses – now including funds & ETFs

theScreener is one of the leading providers of quantitative analyses. This Swiss company produces independent analyses on all leading shares, sectors and indices, and now also on funds and ETFs, in a directly comparable form. This allows users to identify in detail where passive investments are beating active investments, and vice versa. The company systematically collects relevant financial information worldwide and turns this into objective analyses, which provide a thorough basis for effective investment decisions.


The analyses are updated twice a week – once a week for funds and ETFs – and can be viewed on the Internet or downloaded as PDF files. This means that you not only enjoy the advantages of rapidly available high-quality research analyses; you also have access to objective research (including an assessment of risks and opportunities) providing you with an excellent tool for achieving outperformance.


SAAM members can benefit from the following special offer: Internet access to theScreener Reporter for the analysis categories equities, markets and industries, including your own logo on all PDF downloads, for a price of CHF 250 per month (max. 2 users).  The fund analyses with the corresponding PDF downloads can be enabled for an additional cost of CHF 250 per month.







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