Requirements for the audit of the AMLA/Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Disciplinary Regulations

 | Annex B of the SAAM Disciplinary Regulations, which contains instructions on auditing, forms the basis for the audit of the AMLA/Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


The audit guidelines

 | The SRO Board of Directors annually determines in the Guidance on audit requirements how such audits are to be conducted, which auditing measures are to be carried out, who is able to conduct such audits for SAAM members, and finally, how the reporting is to be compiled. The members and auditors will be consistently kept up to date about the guidelines.


The audit report AMLA/Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

 | After the audit has been conducted, the auditor compiles an audit report that is to be sent to the SRO Board of Directors, which informs them of the results of the audit.




  • Declaration of completeness by the member
  • Declaration of auditor on criminal and administrative procedures
  • Up-to-date training record of the auditor (apart from auditors, who are authorised as auditors for banks, securities dealers, fund managers, collective investment schemes or fund managers of collective investment schemes)
  • Copy of the annual report in accordance with Swiss GAAP (income statement and balance sheet)
  • In the case of members who have the legal form of an AG or GmbH and are subject to the standard or reduced auditing requirement, a copy of the relevant audit report under Swiss GAAP.








Submission deadline  
The audit report is to be submitted to SAAM by members within six months following closing of the business year. The audit report is to be sent to the regional office in charge of the member (Zurich, Geneva or Lugano). Sanctions will be levied for submissions that are late.