Seminars in the areas of prevention of money laundering and the SAAM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The goal of these seminars is to train active members and their employees in the application of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and to build and extend their knowledge in the area of money laundering prevention and also to keep it up-to-date. These seminars are considered to be further training in sense of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.


Basic seminar AMLA

 | This seminar takes the participants through the SAAM's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and provides an overview of the applicable anti-money laundering legal requirements. This ensures the basic training of new SAAM members as well as new employees among the members.  


AMLA seminar

 | This seminar treats specific topics in the areas of the AMLA and compliance. Practical examples are used to show how these can be implemented within asset management. Knowledge of the AMLA and the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct are prerequisite. It is thus targeted more to specialists in the field of money laundering prevention and those in charge of training among the member companies. 


Auditors seminar  | This seminar provides deeper specialist expertise in money laundering prevention that extends beyond the level of what is required. Other relevant issues from the field of independent asset management are also discussed. Generally, the perspective here is not directly on that of the member companies, but should provide a view that goes beyond the "edge of the plate". Such topics of discussion include the regulatory environment in conjunct to money laundering prevention, developments in international financial market supervision and their potential consequences for Switzerland.  

You can call up an overview of the seminars currently on offer in the agenda.