Active membership with SRO affiliation 

Active members affiliated with the SRO, are natural and legal persons as well as private companies, who operate independent management as their primary occupation, and who need an affiliation with an SRO.


Membership criteria


  • Main occupation as an independent asset manager
  • Possession of the required professional qualifications
  • Good standing and reputation
  • At least 5 years' experience in third-party asset management
  • Domicile or residence in Switzerland
  • Registered in the Commercial Register
  • Possession of the infrastructure required for independent advisory and management activities
  • Acceptance of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the Practicing of Independent Asset Management in its most recent version
  • Ensuring that internal regulations and an appropriate organisational structure are in place to ensure compliance with the obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Confirmation that the regulations are adhered to through periodical reports to an SAAM-approved auditing body


Members, which are legal persons or partnerships, shall designate a representative who shall be responsible for compliance with all requirements excluding those of residence and domicile.


Advantages of an active membership with SRO 




Active members with SRO affiliation do not just join an self-regulating body (SRO), but through their membership at the same time become part of the leading national trade association of Swiss independent asset managers. SRO affiliation at the SAAM offers an array of value services that are not typically found in an SRO:

  • Members are kept up to date with current challenges of national or international significance through the SAAM. The SAAM does not just keep its eye on the combating of money laundering, but on the entire asset management field. Where necessary, the SAAM supports its members in overcoming and adapting to new circumstances.
  • The SAAM maintains an intensive dialogue with public authorities and others major players in the Swiss financial centre to best represent the interests of the industry of independent asset managers. In particular, the SAAM participates in legislative procedures and hearings, thus actively contributing to the lawmaking process.
  • Members profit from advisement services offered by the SRO and the SAAM in the area of compliance.
  • Members are permitted to use the collective trade mark, "Member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers l SAAM".
  • Members receive special conditions for SAAM educational and training events.
  • Members are invited to all Association and information events, such as the Breakfast Meetings.
  • Members profit from special conditions which the SAAM has negotiated for professional liability insurance, corporate liability insurance, motor vehicle insurance, property and personal liability insurance.
  • Members receive a free subscription to the trade journal for independent asset administration, "denaris" and are given preferential treatment for the placement of articles concerning the profession.


Costs and fees


One-time processing fee        CHF 1 000.- (not including VAT)

One-time admission fee         CHF 1 500.- (not including VAT)

Annual membership fee         CHF 3 300.- (not including VAT)


The annual membership fee for active membership is set annually for the following year by the Members' Meeting. If a member is admitted to the Association in the second half of the year, then only half the annual membership fee must be paid.


Sign up for an active membership 

with SRO 




Become an active member of the SAAM. Please send your membership application, including the required annexes, to the regional office in your area.



Documents concerning applicant

  • Membership application
  • Extract from the commercial register (original or copy)
  • Audited financial statements and (if requiered by law) consolidated financial statements of the past 2 years
  • Business plan covering a period of three years
  • Affirmation of independant asset management
  • Application for admission as audit firm
  • Internal rules relevant to assure compliance with the MLL and the Code (more then 10 FI employees)
  • Internal rules relating to the provision of training on the MLL and the Code (more then 10 FI employees)


Documents concerning the individuals in charge | (Executive board and board of director's members, the person in charge of the prevention of money laundering and his/her representative, representative)


Once SAAM has received the complete membership application, including all required annexes, the documents will be forwarded to the Admissmion Board for their decision. There is no entitlement to admission to the Association.


In the canton of Ticino the professional practice as a financial intermediary or trustee (fiduciario commercialista, di fiduciario immobiliare e di fiduciario di finanziario) entailing the billing of third parties, requires a supplementary permit from the cantonal supervisory authority (Autorità di vigilanza sulle professioni di fiduciario, Via dei Gaggini 1, 6500 Bellinzona).

Become an individual member of the SAAM  – it's easy and free

The SAAM is no longer just a strong partner for businesses: all employees of active SAAM members can now become individual members of the association free of charge.

Individual membership of the SAAM offers a package of services with a focus on your professional success which will equip you for the high demands you face in your day-to-day work

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