Honorary members

Honorary members are individuals who have proven themselves worthy through years of dedication to the SAAM and have therefore been named as honorary members by the Members Meeting.


Among the honorary members of the SAAM are:


  • Franz Attenhofer, President from 1986-1993
  • André Audergon, Board Member from 1988-1999
  • Maurice Baudet, Board Member from 1986-2000, President from 1993-1998, General Director from 2002-2007
  • Roberto Feller, Senior., Board Member from 1986-1996
  • Freddy Mariaux, Board Member from 1998-2004
  • Alexander Rabian, Chairman of the SRO Board
  • Viktor Sauter, Secretary of the Association 1986-2000
  • Markus Winkler, Founder Member