Active members affiliated with the SRO

Active members affiliated with the SRO, are natural and legal persons as well as private companies, who operate independent management as their primary occupation, and who need an affiliation with an SRO.


Membership criteria


  • Main occupation as an independent asset manager
  • Possession of the required professional qualifications
  • Good standing and reputation
  • At least 5 years' experience in third-party asset management
  • Domicile or residence in Switzerland
  • Registered in the Commercial Register
  • Possession of the infrastructure required for independent advisory and management activities
  • Acceptance of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the Practicing of Independent Asset Management in its most recent version
  • Ensuring that internal regulations and an appropriate organisational structure are in place to ensure compliance with the obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Confirmation that the regulations are adhered to through periodical reports to an SAAM-approved auditing body


Members, which are legal persons or partnerships, shall designate a representative who shall be responsible for compliance with all requirements excluding those of residence and domicile.

Advantages                           As an active member with SRO affiliation you benefit from the following advantages.

Admission                     Become an active member of the SAAM today. For more information click here.

Costs & fees                     One-time processing fee       CHF 1 000.- (not including VAT)

One-time admission fee         CHF 1 500.- (not including VAT)

Annual membership fee         CHF 3 300.-  (not including VAT)